Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sherrod Studio Day 2

I love the Bobunny new papers, POPSICLE, and thought that the bright bold colors would work great with the new set,By the Seashore, from Sherrod Studio! I had such fun using markers to color in these kids at the beach! They remind me of the first time that I took my girls to Bradley Beach in NJ, last September. We had a blast as the beach was empty and we found a bunch of sand dollars! "M" got so dizzy from the water receding that she just fell over backwards- it really does give you the sense of vertigo! I laughed so hard- poor kid, has a beach complex now because of her mother!LOL!!!!! I think that is my favorite thing about papercrafting: the memories of moments that you treasure in your heart, how our creations take us back to that particular time and we can vividly remember everything. Ahhhh....I can smell that ocean, feel the grit of the sand, hear the call of the seagulls, the horns of the barges........

What memory can you conjure up vividly from a stamp set?
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Kim said...

I love this set because it does remind me of my kiddos when they were really young playing at the beach.
Great card!

Mary G. said...

Great card!!! Love the DP! I've had several comments on my 'beach' card that said it brought back memories from their childhood!