Thursday, July 9, 2009

can you read this? how about now?

As I get older, my eyesight is failing me. Before I turned 40, I was told that I needed trifocals. Not even bifocals, just skipped ahead to the third generation of the focal family. Sad thing is, my eyesight was never really that bad. Just an astigmatism in my right eye. 20/70 vision. Thanks to my dad- doncha just love hereditary traits?

So, for those of us that are too vain to wear glasses all of the time and to those of us who say "these are just to magnify my detail work....", here's to you. I have tried very hard lately to NOT wear my glasses as I am crafting/creating, and, well, it just isn't working. Can't fool myself any longer. Put my 'trifocals' on and completed my task. Life was much better now that I could....actually SEE- amazing!

This card was created for 365 cards challenge #130- That Tickles Me. I hope my sad eyesight has given you a small laugh today- I hear you, can't fool me (my hearing has drastically improved since my eyes are failing...!!!)

Have a great day today- Kelly
supplies: MME Sabrina papers, Target $ spot for reading glasses, used knife to cut holes for glasses, black marker, computer font for sentiment, hempPosted by Picasa


stephjacobson said...

Love your card--it made me laugh! As somebody who has had really bad eyesight since the 4th grade, I can relate!

Kristen Swain said...

BAHAHA!! that is soo cute! I love it! great job! I guess you won't be sending me this card- at least not for a long while! tee hee -love ya sis!

Beth M said...

Love this! Thanks for the giggle.

Ella said...

Adorable and perfect for so many people!

nikkinix said...

Love it !!

Krista Ritskes said...

Ha ha! What a great card.