Saturday, March 7, 2009

technique-Stamping my own paper

I wanted to make 4th of July invitations for a family picnic. I couldn't find the exact paper for the look I wanted to achieve in my invites. So, CTMH had this great Picnic set, that I just decided to incorporate all of the stamps onto one sheet of paper to make this very colorful invite! Colors used were Outdoor Denim, Cranberry, Black and Sunflower.
Here's a closeup shot of the paper.....

One of the ways I like to relax and de-stress from the day is to stamp. Now, I don't bang the blocks onto the table and take out my frustrations- the paper and table did nothing to me! I use it in a more healthy and constructive way- making my own papers. Haven't you ever gone to buy paper and can'f find the one that you are looking for? Here are a few samples, and once you have the technique down, you will be busy creating your own papers to match exactly what you wanted to in the first place.

The trick to Random Stamping is working in a TRIANGLE shape. Choose your stamps. I use 2/3 large, and fill in with 1/2 small, to tighten up the look. Remember, when you cut your paper, you will be surprised at how much open space was left on your sheet of paper! Start with one image and start stamping, change inks and images and remember to work the the 3 triangle shape. Keep rotating your paper- never leave it straight on! And stamp off the edges of the paper to make it look like something that you purchased. It will take some time to practice. Using the smaller image that you chose, fill in the small spaces, you can overlap, but not too much! This fall sheet, the acorns are embossed in gold powder, then the entire sheet was sponged with goldrush ink to further distress my paper. Another time, I will tell you how to make realistic looking fall leaves. Until then, enjoy the beautiful weekend and happy stamping!


Kristen Swain said...

this is stunning! i love the leaf one- fall colors are some of my favorites- I like how you gave us the technique as well!

Megan said...

I really love your paper with the watermelon/ants!

Sarah said...

That is really really good random stamping. I really suck at it!