Friday, March 13, 2009

I Am An Athlete....

My "M" is truly the athlete in our family. She is aggressive, hates to lose (like her dad!) and loves the movement in any game. This year playing (2 weeks ago to be exact) she broke her finger playing ball. As she told her dad about her finger, in his capacity as assistant coach- told her to "suck it up and be an athlete! no bellyaching!". So, my poor baby (see, us moms are just a bit more sympathetic....) went onto the court and played the entire game.... even so far as being the high scorer for her team! Yeah M! When she arrived back home to tell me the tale- I took one look at that finger and said "Your finger is broken", and that led to some animated conversations over the lunch table and a trip to the ER to have her in a cast from tip of the finger to the elbow. Of course, playoffs are this week- will she or won't she play?
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Kristen Swain said...

awww- poor M! how is her finger now anyway? I love this- the offcenter pics and simplicity! just fantastic!