Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What a Crazy Month!

It has been a bit since I have last posted. I know, I should have done SOMETHING....I did and it was involving all of my girls! The last few weeks of school have been so busy and on top of it, I got incredibly sick. It has been 3 weeks since I got an upper respiratory infection and I am still not 100%. I have a persistant cough that gets so bad, I cannot breathe. I completely understand how asthmatics feel, it is truly scary not being able to catch a breath..... I am sleeping now, which makes all of the difference in the world. My girls are enjoying sleeping in and .... staying up late which cuts in on our couple time. Still working on those kinks. My DD broke a finger this weekend playing in an all-star softball game. Guess this is going to be a regular. This is the 3rd time being at the orthopedic office for broken bones. Of course, this puts her softball 'career' on hold for the summer..... always something with her!

I decided that today I would play, no matter how the outcome was for the cards. I needed to get the mojo out and working again. Though, I have had 2 big workshops in the past week and made oodles of card designs for those. So, cruising the blogs, I came across these 2 that I wanted to participate in: Caardvarks- dry embossing for their June challenge and Krista-Kris-challenges #37: color challenge of Kraft, dark pink, and black.

My sister Kris, gave me some Heidi Grace stickers that I have been wanting to use, but they are BIG. So I cut one in 1/2 to use 2 ways. I like how the black makes everything POP!

Thanks for coming back and visiting! I am working on a schedule to post and have GOBS of ideas floating through my head now! Can't wait to make more!


Carol said...

Very pretty cards, Kelly! I like what you did with the challenge!!

MistyGirl said...

Glad your back and pray you get completely healed up quick! :-)
Love the pinka nd black card with the kraft paper.

Krista Driessen said...

Kelly, you did a great job with the challenge ! Thanks for playing along !